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Are you looking for information on the actor, Guy Williams? Then you've come to the right place!

The Guy Williams WebShrine, originally created in 1998, is a web-based celebration of the
life and screen work of the actor who brought Walt Disney's "Zorro" to life and later portrayed
Dr. John Robinson on Irwin Allen's "Lost In Space." This is an unofficial website that we hope
you will find to beone of the best resources on the web for All Things Guy.

Oftenreferred to by his fans as "the ONLY Zorro," or "the REAL Zorro," Williams's memory
(he passed away in 1989) is kept alive by a remarkable community made up of his fans, friends, and family.Of course, we are not the only website that features information and pictures about Guy and the many fans he has inspired! In the menu above you can see and explore everything we keep here. You'll find many, many links to other resources as well. For updates on the site and activities amongst Guy's fans, jump down to "The Latest from the WebShrine."  In the months ahead we will be adding and changing things, so feel free to return often.

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Site Overview

Within the WebShrine you will find numerous published articles about Guy and his work (Archives), the place to write the Answer Lady who will try her best to answer any Guy Williams related questions you may have, copyright information, frequently asked questions, news of the Guy Williams world, and a brief biography of Guy Williams, (Information), a direction back here (Index), more pictures than any one fan should know what to do with (Gallery) and other Guy-related sites on the web (Links).


The Latest from the WebShrine

5 August 2006

A minor update consisting of additions and small changes to the Links page.

14 January 2005

We are happy to join all Guy Williams fans in celebrating the occasion of Guy's 80th birthday. Also we hope you will visit the Memorial Projects page to see a new addition, about the bench in Guy's memory dedicated at the Mission of San Luis Rey last summer. Click here to learn more about the most recent fan-driven effort to remember Guy.

Feel free to surf around all you want, and come back whenever you feel like it. We hope to update and add new things from time to time. Thanks for stopping by, and please take a moment to sign our guest book!

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as of 21 November 2002, 15,100 Guy Fans
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