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1958 Life Magazine Article on Zorro
Originally donated by Joanne Slappo
Pictures provided by Julie Martin

Dueling at Disneyland, Guy Williams makes one of many public appearances that help keep his fans Zorro-minded. He intended only to ride through the Disneyland streets, but yelling admirers forced him to jump off his horse and fight impromptu duel with his TV adversary, Captain Monastario (Britt Lomand)

Present Zorro, Guy Williams (left) plays role in weekly TV series.  A better fencer than either of his predecessors, he here fights Spanish villains.

Young Zorros, in more or less full regalia at Disneyland pay noisy homage to Guy Williams who, clothed in black from head to foot, gives them his autograph.

With bull whip, Guy Williams practices new trick of flicking out candle flame for fall TV series.

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