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1958 New York Daily News Article
Originally donated by Joanne Slappo.

13 April 1958 - New York Daily News
Note - this article is mostly pictures we have not gotten

At Home With ‘Zorro’

Zorro, one of the most popular characters in film fiction, has almost as many portrayers as the indestructible Tarzan. The latest of these is a handsome, 6 foot 3 inch New Yorker by birth named Guy Williams.

Williams, who is the television version of the dashing, black-caped swordsman, started life off as the son of Italian immigrants. When he was old enough to seek his own fortune, he went into the modeling field, hoping meanwhile for a chance to get into the theatre.

Off-Broadway afforded him this chance and he was able to pick up a few roles here and there which eventually landed him on TV and in the movies.

Today, Williams is a man of some affluence, but lives pretty modestly in a Spanish-type Hollywood apartment with his wife, Janice, a former model, and his son Steve, born in 1952.

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