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1959 Teen Magazine Annette Funicello Article Excerpt
Originally donated by Joanne Slappo.

April 1959 -- Teen Magazine
(Note: This is a portion of an article featuring Annette Funicello that appeared in Teen Magazine. Only the bits talking about Guy are present here.)

The Zorro assignment is one that Annette had dreamed of for more than a year, but Disney waited until she was 16 to spring the happy news. The word came through at her birthday party that she would play the role of a young Spanish girl whom everyone but Zorro considers a trouble-maker. He befriends her.

Annette, of course, is in a number of scenes with Guy Williams, whose many costumed photographs frame her dressing room mirror.

In the Zorro episodes, Annette rides, shoots a gun, and in one action, falls off a cliff. She already knew how to ride, but Zorro’s double, Buddy Van Horn, taught her how to do the other things.

She describes the Zorro show as the most thrilling thing she’s done in TV, although she has appeared in five different TV series, including one away from the Disney Studios.

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