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1962 Review of Damon and Pythias from the New York Times
Originally donated by Joanne Slappo.

New York Times Film Review -- 6 September 1962
Damon and Pythias

Screen play by Brigit Boland and Harry Oringer; directed by Curtis Bernhardt; produced by Sam Jaffe; released by Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer. Running time: ninety-nine minutes.

Damon … Guy Williams
Pythias … Don Burnett
Nerissa … Maria Occhini
Adriana … Liana Ortei
Mareka … Marina Berti

Schoolchildren searching for final weekday matinee before vacation ends—at least, those still in the lower grades—could do worse than the double bill that opened yesterday at neighborhood theatres.

"Damon and Pythias," an ode to friendship, and "Tarzan Goes to India," advocating kindness toward animals, are pleasant, lively and generally innocuous films that parents can send their progeny to see without qualms.

Under the experienced direction of Curtis Bernhardt, the legendary tale of camaraderie is a cut or two above the usual dubbed Italian costume spectacle. Damon, a likeable ne’er-do-well played by a bearded Guy Williams, and Pythias, a clean-shaven, philosophical youth in the hands of Don Burnett, are manly and purely motivated types. Their battles with evil pre-Christian slave owners drive home a good-natured homily in painless fashion.

While the Italian supporting cast is dubbed as clumsily as ever, the leading players mouth their own Americanese. The over all effect is gauche, nave and cheerfully unpretentious.

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