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1987 Starlog Interview with Guy Williams
Originally donated by Julie Martin.

Zorro (Williams) made his way across the plains and into the heart of Mrs. Juan Peron and Argentinean fandom

Guy Williams was reunited with TV wife June Lockhart to fight the good fight on Family Feud.

John (Williams) and Maureen (June Lockhart) prepare for their trek to Alpha Centauri, not suspecting that Dr. Smith (Jonathan Harris) would be taking them on an alternate route that would leave them Lost in Space.

Blade in hand, Guy Williams made his mark as Zorro in the Disney TV series.

Don (Mark Goddard), Will (Billy Mumy) and Prof. Robinson (Williams) get ready to face whatever alien menaces the Jupiter II may encounter.

Even while Lost in Space, the family Robinson (left to right) -- Don West (Mark Goddard), Judy (Marta Kristen), Will (Billy Mumy), Penny (Angela Cartwright), Maureen (June Lockhart), and John Robinson (Williams) -- found the time to wish viewers a happy holiday.

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