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Heartfelt and warm thank yous go out to so many people who have contributed to the
ways in which the Guy Williams internet community and this website have flourished.
Fans and collectors, so many of whom have become friends, have initiated numerous
projects and activities that are lasting tributes to Guy and the best of his legacy.We
cannot possibly list everyone who has contributed to these successes without
running the risk of omitting someone,but you all know who you are.

We do want tosay somethank yous to people who have contributed time, photos,
advice and suggestionsthat have helped bring this newest version of the WebShrine
to life. Mary Spooner, Jill Panvini, Kathy Gregory, Julia Brooks,Cris Turitto, and Jo Worthington were especially helpful in their respective ways --which sometimes involved advice or details on a particular subject, and sometimes just involved good old fashioned encouragement.We shamelessly cribbed text from the links descriptions on Patricia Garrison's wonderful Inquisition site (thanks, Pat), and our"gallery" collection is the result of work by a lot of people who cooperated or at least didn't get in the way as we tried to sort out what to use here, and where to direct visitors for even *more* amazing pictures of Guy Williams.

Thanks toeveryone who hasmade a difference in the lives of fans of Guy Williams around the world. Most of all, thank you Guy, for bringing us all together.

Biography of Guy Williams

For an overview of his life find yourself transported to A Brief Biography of Guy Williams.

Memorial Project News

Fanshave spearheaded a number of interesting efforts to honor and remember Guy over the last several years. For details on Memorial Project News.

The Answer Lady

Our answer lady, Jill, is one of the most knowledgeable Guy fans we know.  You can contact her by writing to the answer lady.  Questions regarding his career, his movies, how to find his movies and shows on video, questions about his public life and similar things will be considered.  Questions about Zorro, Lost in Space and other such things will be answered to the best of her ability.  The Answer Lady reserves the right to refuse to answer any questions she deems inappropriate or that she just doesn't have the answers to.

Photo Credits and Information

Most of our photo collection resides in the Gallery section, but other images are scattered throughout the WebShrine.  We have numerous friends, some anonymous and some not, to thank for making these photos available from their personal collections.  In addition to our site owner, images have been donated by Mary Spooner, Jill Panvini, Kathy Gregory, Julia Brooks, Jo Worthington, Rocky Dubrow and others who wish to remain anonymous.  Thanks also to Vivi, Julie M. and French Vixen for their unique contributions to the visual feast on this website.

If you are interested in collecting photos of Guy Williams, please note: The WebShrine is not a merchant and does not engage in sales or purchase, nor receive commissions from, any sources or dealers of Guy Williams photos or memorabilia.  Please do not ask us for pictures.

We do have several suggestions in our Links area if you want photos.  We also recommend regular visits to  Simply type in "Guy Williams" and whatever is available on or about Guy will be listed.  Amazingly, new photos do crop up from time to time and the old ones aren't bad either.

Contact the Staff

If you find an error, a miscredited picture, a broken link or if you have any technical suggestions, you can send your comments . If you have suggestions foror questions about WebShrine contents, And if you just want to tell us what a great job we're doing or you want to tell the world how great you think Guy is, feel free to leave your words in our guest book.

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