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These links were current as of 5 August 2006.  Please keep in mind that many of these
sites, while still very informative, have not been updated since the late 1990's or early
2000.  Every effort has been made to insure that the descriptions and links here are live
and functional. Links will open in a new browser window for your convenience.

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Informational Links
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The Official Guy Williams Family Page

A special family tribute to Guy Williams by his son.  Contains information on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony, a Memorabilia store, a Gallery of candid photos and memories of the Williams family.

Toni Williams' Website

Guy's daughter Toni's site, containing photos of her father, family photos, a tribute to her mother, her resume and portfolio along with other special touches that make it an inviting place to pass time.

The Man Behind the Mask
Here's where to order the long-awaited, now available biography of Guy Williams, written by Antoinette Lane.

Mary Spooner's Guy Williams Site

One of the best and most comprehensive fan-created websites, spanning over seven years of "weblife," Mary Spooner's dedication to Guy Williams and his memory is lovingly captured in this site filled with information, facts, fun things and beautiful design.

Kathy Gregory's Guy Williams Site - From Zorro to Lost in Space

Affectionately known as the "First Fan" for her unwavering loyalty to Guy Williams, "Kathy G.'s" site contains wonderful samples from her extensive GW photo collection.  She updates the site periodically, so we recommend re-visiting regularly.

Beth's Guy Williams Site

Our friend Beth's website is another wonderful tribute to Guy, including biographical information and a treasure trove of pictures.

Star Light, Star Bright - A Guy Williams Fan Site
For a great trip through some great photos and unforgettable video clips, Lois Dodson's fan site is a delight. 

ZorroFanz Central

Taffy Shanks's page, containing a biography and numerous links including a link to the Guy Williams Remembered Memorial Fan Club

The Internet Movie Database - Guy Williams Filmography,+Guy+(I)

Want an overview of all of his television and film work?  Here's the place to get it.

Zorro Links
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The Bona-Fide, Official, These-Are-The-Owners Zorro Page

The cyber-home of the legal owners of "Zorro" and the most official place on the web to find out what is going on with Zorro entertainment, licensing, and film/TV/live stage productions.

Bill Cotter's Walt Disney Zorro Page

A must-visit treat for all WD Zorro fans, Bill Cotter's celebration of the 1957-59 television series that starred Guy Williams is packed with information, including the latest on the August, 2002 cancellation of the series on the Disney Channel.

Tonight on Zorro

Although this site has not been updated in quite a while, the information it contains, including a number of WD Zorro episode guides, is interesting and worth a visit.

Lost In Space Links
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Lost in Space Australia (LISA)

We have to hand it to the Aussies, this is the most comprehensive LIS site we've found on the web.  It includes interviews with cast members (including Guy) and plenty of information about the TV series, LIS-related conventions, and plenty more.

The Sci-Fi Channel's Lost in Space Alpha Control Page

Though it isn't presently airing "Lost In Space," the Sci-Fi Channel has lots of information and some photos from the series on its website.

The Irreverent Guide to Lost in Space

Any series that had an episode title of "The Great Vegetable Rebellion" deserves a website send-up like this one.  For a total giggle, check it out.

Resource Links
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We recommend the web locations below for photos of Guy:
Just type in "Guy Williams" and whatever is available on or about Guy will be listed.
This is the section of Guy Williams, Jr.'s website that features photos and other memorabilia for sale.  Wonderful things are here.
Guy's daughter Toni has photos available for purchase at this location.  *More* wonderful things are here.
This is the website for Jerry Ohlinger's, the New York-based movie memorabilia store that sells posters, photos, and more.

Zorro Fan Fiction Links
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The De la Vega Library

Home of the Zorro Fan Fiction archive, which is becoming a comprehensive collection of Zorro-related fan fiction.

The Secret of Zorro

Alejandro de la Vega finally insists that his son Diego marry the beautiful Elizabeth Matteo.  The trouble is, she's already smitten with the masked outlaw Zorro.  Get hooked on the first story, "The Kitten and the Fox," and then follow the adventures of Diego and his dearest.

Inquisition - An Online Zorro Novel

California has just sworn allegiance to Mexico, and the new regime means new trouble for Zorro. Can our hero save himself from a resurgence of the Spanish Inquisition -- especially when his newest ally turns out to be a witch?


This site contains "family friendly" short stories, poems and artwork by various members of the Guy Williams Friends' List, including short stories like Keliana Baker's Forge Trilogy, Rochelle Dubrow's "The Visit," Karla Gregory's "Eyes of Fire," Gail Manfre's "La Doña Negra" and Jo Worthington's "The Education of Diego de la Vega."

Rocky's Trilogy

Zorro and Capitan Monastario meet again in Rocky's trilogy of fan fiction stories.

Bookscape's Domain and Fiction Pages

Susan Kite's "Lost In Space" and "Zorro" stories have long captivated Guy Williams fans. Her new web site features poetry and essays, and collections of stories from other talented writers, as well as a whole library of her own stories -- short and long. 

Lost In Space Fan Fiction Links
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Bookscape's Domain and Fiction Pages

See the description above.  We highly recommend Sue's "Lost In Space" stories and only wish she had been the head writer back when the series was first on the air!

Lost in Space Australia's Fan Fiction Library

Fan fiction galore, regularly maintained by the folks at LISA. For some good Lost In Space reading, bookmark this one and visit often.

Mailing Lists Links
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The GWFriendslist List

The largest of the Guy Williams discussion lists on the internet, the "GWF" has close to 200 members, male and female.  Its the place to make new friends, discuss Guy-related subjects, meet some Zorro/GW collectors, and keep up with the effort to bring WD's "Zorro" back to the airwaves.

The GWLadieslist List

As the name indicates, this is for women only.  Highly focused on Guy, the "ladies list" is cozy and never misses a chance to indulge in the wonderfulness of their subject.

The GWProofs List

Maintained by Jill Panvini, the Proofs list provides a treasure trove of screen captures and other photos involving Guy and his many roles.  If you're a fan who likes having photos to gaze upon, join this list and be amazed.

The GWsArgentina List

This list is a pictorial review of Guy Williams' favorite places and people in Buenos Aires. A great place to learn more about this wonderful city and see some great pictures of Guy at work and at play in Argentina.

The GWWritersforum

A writers group, this list posts and comments on members' stories-in-progress -- usually stories which in some way feature a character that Guy portrayed.

The Zorro List

Billy Thomas's discussion list covering all the Zorros there ever were, from Fairbanks to Banderas.

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