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The fans of Guy Williams are a sturdy, resourceful and determined bunch.  In the last two years, several successful efforts spear-headed by various fans and fan groups have resulted in wonderful tributes to Guy's memory.  Click on the links below for more information and photos!

We hear that other projects are in the works. As soon as they become reality, we will post them right here!

While Guy grew up in theWashington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan, hewas bornatMount Hope PrivateHospital in the Bronx. (The hospital is no longer standing, a public school is nowat its old location, on E. 176th Street.)In 1999, ahandful of loyal GW fans started a campaign tohave Guy included inthe 2000 induction of the Bronx Walk of Fame.Through patience and persistence, they succeeded.The award was presented by Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer at a black tie dinner on May 20, 2000. Guy Williams, Jr. represented his father at all the festivities, including appearing as Zorro in a parade on the Bronx's Grand Concourse.  Today, the Guy Williams, Bronx Walk of Fame, street sign isonGrand Concourse and 152nd Street.


OnAugust 2, 2001, a long-pursued dream came true when over 200fans, friends, fellow-cast members, members of Guy's family, and the press gathered on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, CA for the unveiling of a Star on the HollywoodWalk of Fame for Guy Williams. Unbelievably, anddespite his significant television workon "Zorro" and asDr. John Robinson on "Lost in Space," Guy had never been given a star in his lifetime! It was through the hard work and wonderful efforts offans, family members and other supporters that thiswas finally accomplished. The happy weekend included reunions of all kinds, and many Guy fans meeting one another for the first time. Today, you can see the star at7080 Hollywood Boulevard, just east of La Brea Boulevard in front of the Bank of America.The star is there forever now!


In the wake of the tragedies of September 11, 2001,one of the many charity projectsestablished was the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund. It isdedicated to raisingcontributions to support the education of children who lost parents at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.During his lifetime,and particularly during his years in Argentina, Guy was active in charity work on behalf of children. In 2002, a few of his admirers initiated the design and production of several limited edition commemorative items that were made available for purchase. The proceeds generated resulted in a substantial contribution, in Guy's memory, to the FOFSF. For more information on this wonderful charity, visit their website at


He was, after all, a native New Yorker.  So in 2002, Mary Sheeran and a number of other fans launched a campaign to secure a bench dedicated to Guy's memory in Central Park.  This was done through the Central Park Conservancy, an organization which focuses on maintaining the Park for all of its visitors.  The effort raised a substantial sum and today, "the bench," proudly wearing its plaque dedicated to Guy, awaits its next guests.  We have a feeling the wood is going to gain a beautiful patina quickly, thanks to all the fans who will sit on it.

The bench is located just east of Central Park's Sheep Meadow, near the Columbus statue.  In late October, 2002 a number of fans plus Guy Williams, Jr. and Janice Cooper Williams gathered for the festive official dedication.

Photo manipulation of Guy Williams as Zorro on the Bench for Guy kindly provided by Vivi.  Thank you.


The Mission of San Luis Rey, in Oceanside, CA, was the location for the shooting of several early episodes of "Zorro."  A place that Guy loved during his brief period of work there, the Mission is a historical site (considered "the King of the Missions" along Old California's Camino Real) as well as a place of worship and meditation.   

After months of fundraising to help support needs and maintenance of the Mission, fans of Guy gathered in August, 2003 to dedicate a bench in Guy's memory on the Mission grounds.   It was a wonderful day of celebration and commemoration amongst friends and members of the Williams family.   If ever you are in the San Diego area, we recommend a stop at the Mission, to see a wonderful historical site from Old California, as well as to sit on "Guy's bench" near the Mission belltower that Zorro once scaled. 

To learn more about the Mission of San Luis Rey, go to

Photos courtesy of Jill and Sue, thanks!


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